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New Hosting Regions

Region selector in the Geovonic Connect onboarding flow


Starting today, Geovonic Connect allows you to choose your hosting region, allowing you to bring your data closer to your users reducing latency and improving performance.


When signing up for a new Geovonic Connect subscription or starting a new trial, you can now choose to host your integrations in North America, Europe or Australia.

Choosing your region
As you step through the sign-up flow for a new Geovonic Connect subscription you will be asked to choose your region. Choose the region closest to your users to give the best performance.

Can I move my existing region?

The region is set when the account is first created and cannot be moved to a new region. We can help you create a new account in a different region. Please contact support for help with creating a new account.

What region is my account in?
All existing subscriptions are hosted in the Australia region.
Accessing my account
When signing in to the admin console make sure the correct region is selected. Your browser should remember your choice between sessions. Widget users do not need to select the region as this will automatically point to your selected region.


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